5th Grade Class

Woodland Elementary is proud to provide a safe and healthy school environment for all students.  To ensure safety for all, a list of acceptable foods that can be brought into the classroom for snack has been developed. 

Please note that if a food item that is not on the list is sent in with your child, the item will be returned home with a reminder of the safe snack choices. 

Safe Snack List

·         All Fruits and Fruit Cups

o   Including Applesauce & Raisins        

·         All Vegetables

·         All Cheeses:  String, Sliced or Cubed

·         Yogurt Cups/Tubes

o   (Not Coconut or Nut Flavored)

·         All Meats   o   (Not breaded)

·         Goldfish Crackers (All Flavors)

·         Cheez-It Squares

·         Original Wheat Thins & Triscuits

·         Ritz Original Crackers

Annie's Homegrown Grahams

Skinny Pop Popcorn

Plum Kids Organic Fruit and Veggie Shredz (not all Plum products, just these)


Birthday Celebrations


While it is not a requirement, some families choose to celebrate their child’s birthday at school.  It is highly recommended to send in a non-edible treat for the celebration.  Examples include:  donating a book or puzzle to the classroom or providing a pencil, eraser, bookmark etc. for each child in the class.

If your family chooses to send in an edible treat, it must be on the list provided below. 

Safe Birthday Edible Treats


·         Kellogg’s Rice Krispy Treats (Pre-Packaged Only)

·         Pudding Cups (Not Peanut Butter Flavored)

·         Jello Cups

·         Oreo Cookies (Not Peanut Butter Flavored)

·         Chips Ahoy (Regular or Chewy) 

Thank you for your support and cooperation in keeping all of our students here at Woodland Elementary safe from experiencing a life threatening reaction!  Your help is greatly appreciated!

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Mr. Musser’s 5th Grade Classroom

2017-18 School Year General Information


Our lunch/noon recess period will be from _1:05-1:53_. Since we have a later lunch, we are allowing students to bring a healthy snack to enjoy in the morning. Please keep these as healthy as possible since the purpose of the snack is to help our body and brain continue working at their best! Please be sure to follow Woodland’s safe snack policy.


Mon:      Art    10:40-11:28       

Tues:      P.E.    10:40-11:28  **BRING SHOES**

Wed:     World Language  2:00-2:48

Thurs:    Music   10:40-11:28

Fri:        Media Center  10:40-11:28

School Parties 

We have Halloween, Winter Buffet, and our graduation party in 5th grade. Please contact our Room Mom if you are interested in volunteering.

Room Mom- Kim Moberg    ksmoberg@sbcglobal.net


Contact Info-      jmusser@portageps.org      (269) 323-6616

Website: http://jmusser.site.portageps.org/


Mrs. Gilman- Social Studies

lgilman@portageps.org                (269) 323-6617